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The Best Goodie Bag is a family owned and operated business. Our Main purpose is to bring joy and excitement to you and yours! 


We are four women bonded by blood who came together by destiny. In 2008, we decided to throw our Grandmother an 84th birthday celebration. Instead of buying her a cake and treats, we decided to make them ourselves. From that a business erupted. That business has since blossomed into a passion that we each share. We are 100% self-taught and have built this business from the ground up.

We specialize in making custom cakes, cupcakes, cookies, cake pops, and so much more all from scratch using fresh local ingredients.

Our mission: Provide a one-stop shop for our customers, providing high quality custom cakes and other custom desserts & treats all from one convenient location easing stress so our customers can focus on the fun.

For all your sweet needs, we got it... It's in the Bag!

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