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A few weeks ago, we were presented with the amazing opportunity...  [read more]     |     Photos

Dec. 4th, 2020

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Our good sis, OPRAH called!!

'Sugar Rush Christmas' Season 2 Episode 6; "Deck the Halls"   [Trailer] / [Full Episode]     |     Photos

Nov 27th, 2020

Watch us Compete for a chance to win $10,000!

The story of The Best Goodie Bag bake shop in Valley Stream is...   [read more]     |     Photos

Nov. 26th, 2020

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V.S. bakers appear on Netflix's 'Sugar Rush'

Celebrating the 2 year anniversary of The Goodie Bag at...   [read more]     |     Photos

Oct. 30th, 2020

VSCC Logo.png
Ribbon Cutting Ceremony on our 2nd Birthday

We are excited to announce our Willa Mae Micro Grant Round 1 Winner...   [read more]     |     Photos

Sep 25th, 2020

Vision Street Research Logo2.jpg.png
Guess what?!?!... We WON!!!

77 "Baby Shark" Cake Ideas to Steal For Your Child's Next Birthday Party   [see more]     |     

Aug. 29th, 2020

"Baby Shark... Doo.. Doo.. Doo.. Doo.. Doo.. Doo..."

There is an old saying that reads, “family and business do not mix.”...   [read more]     |     Photos

Jul 23rd, 2020

"Family and business do not mix."

home-made cakes rule. Made with love and a genuine passion for the...   [read more]     |     

July 19th, 2020

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There’s no point arguing about it:
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